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Independent Music For Independent People
Tiny Giant: Outside The Circle
A blend of Texas Blues, Ska, and a classic rock sound.
Price: $13.50
Status: In Stock.
The People Next Door: Summer.
Acoustic tunes with lots of vocal harmonies.
Price: Introductory, $9.50
Status: In Post Production: Release Date 11/30.
Fury 58: Self Titled
Super high energy loud guitar rock.
Price: Introductory $9.50
Status: In Studio.
Booley Franella And The Checkers: Running With Scissors. Light jazz & blues, with a touch of rock.
Price: Introductory, $9.50
Status: In Post Procuction: Release Date 11/15.
The Gym Class Dropouts: Only The Bonly. Remember how crappy high school was for most of us?
Price: Introductory, $9.50
Status: In Studio.
Shipping Included On All Orders Tiny Giant: The Story. This cd is truly a story told in music. Classic Tiny Giant blends of many styles.
Price: Introductory. $9.50
Status: Pre Production.
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Free mp3
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